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Riverstone Audio JAZZ 380 Series Precision Crafted Record Weights - Aztec Gold

Precision-crafted record weights are one of Riverstone Audio’s professional grade audio products to enhance your music listening experience. The Jazz 380 record weight has a low center of gravity and is precision machined from a solid billet of aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum (7075-T6 has a surface hardness approx. 58% higher than commonly used 6061-T6 and other lower-grade aluminum alloys). The JAZZ 380 record weight turns true and performs as it should – improving sound quality by keeping an LP in firm contact with the turntable platter to reduce extraneous vibrations that can be picked up by a turntable stylus. The JAZZ 380 is compatible with most turntables with non-threaded spindles. With a 380 g mass, this medium-weight record weight is a good choice for turntables that may have lower torque or older motors (high mass record weights are best suited for turntables that have high starting torque motors and robust motor/spindle bearings).

The Jazz 380 record weight also looks great on a turntable. Unlike lower cost record weights, which are typically painted, we use surface anodizing to both protect and color the surface of our record weights. The unique surface finish and color of the Jazz 380 is obtained by a multi-step hand polishing and glass-beading procedure, followed by an anodizing treatment. After anodizing and inspection, the surface is manually buffed and waxed to obtain the desired finish. The result is a visually pleasing satin finish, with a unique color we call "Aztec Gold" ( a pale gold color lighter than 24 carat gold). The attention to detail does not stop there - to protect your LP record labels and provide additional damping, a 1 mm thick EVA pad is affixed to the base of the record weight. A foam-lined wooden box (pine) is also included to protect your record weight when not in use. Specifications: Mass 380 g, Dimensions: 34.5 mm height, maximum diameter (at base) 80.0 mm, Spindle hole 7.25 mm diameter x 20 mm deep, Color: Aztec Gold with a satin finish.

  • The Jazz Series 380 Record Weight Stabilizer is one of our professional-grade audio products designed for vinyl enthusiasts. The Jazz 380 Record weights enhance your music listening experience - both acoustically and aesthetically. We believe that audio products should be designed and manufactured to exacting standards using the best available materials and with close attention to detail. This record weight not only improves sound quality, it is also a work of art, and ergonomically designed for easy gripping. CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum  (an aerospace grade aluminum alloy, selected for its much higher hardness (approx. 58% higher) compared to common aluminum alloys, such 6061-T6).
  • Improves contact between record and platter to reduce the transfer of unwanted vibrations to a stylus. Helpful to temporarily improve flatness of LP's; a warped or bowed record changes the contact angle between the stylus tip and record groove - leading to audio distortion and additional lateral loading of a stylus. The reduction of extraneous vibrations reduces distortion - provides better detail, tighter bass and overall improvement of sound quality.

    The medium mass (380 g) of the Jazz 380 makes it well suited for use on most turntables, including vintage turntables, and turntables with lower torque or old motors. The medium mass requires a lower starting torque and the low profile/precision machining reduce wobble which lowers axial and radial loading of motor/spindle bearings during record playback. We carefully determined the mass and designed the shape to strike a balance for improved sound quality during record playback yet minimize additional loading of turntable drive system and spindle bearings.
    With a large 80 mm diameter base, and a 1 mm thick EVA pad, the Jazz 380 record weight provides excellent extraneous vibration damping. A foam-lined wooden box (pine) is included to protect the record weight when not in use.

    ​Low profile fits under most dust covers; however, best to measure before ordering (requires approx. 36 mm from record surface to underside of dust cover). Specifications: Mass 380g, 34.5 mm height, max. diameter (at base) 80 mm, Spindle hole 7.25 mm dia. x 20 mm deep. Color: Aztec Gold with a satin finish.
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