Riverstone Audio - Vacuum Tube Pin Straightener For 9-Pin (12AX7/ECC83) and 7-Pin (6AK5/5654) Miniature Vacuum Tubes - Hardened Stainless - Hand Held - Straightens Vacuum Tube Pins

Our newest product (released Sept. 2017)...A professional grade hand-held vacuum tube pin-straightener. Used to straighten and align bent/misaligned vacuum tube pins. Great accessory for professional musicians, audiophiles and repair shops working with tube-based audio components. Ideal for vintage US/European and newer generation Russian/Chinese miniature 7-pin and 9-pin tubes with B7G bases (e.g., 6AK5, 5654 tubes) and B9A bases (e.g., 12AX7, 12AU7, 5670, 6BQ5 tubes).


Modeled after vintage hand-held pin straighteners, but with significant improvements in machining accuracy and material. CNC machined from a premium-grade martensitic stainless steel and hardened to RC50 (Rockwell C50). In addition to providing long life (as well as corrosion resistance) we chose a premium grade stainless for good reason; if a softer material is used for a pin straightener, for example Al alloys, pin contamination can occur (Al transferred to tube pins can form Al2O3). This pin straightener was designed for many years of trouble-free use - you will not wear this one out! We also use this pin straightener on a daily basis in our workshops.

We always wished the vintage pin straighteners we used for many years had been supplied with storage boxes so we decided let's do it...a small pocket size, foam-lined tin storage box is included to store the pin straightener. Dimensions of pin straightener: 36 mm length x 22 mm maximum diameter.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Do not use for severely bent pins - tube damage and glass breakage may occur. Not recommended for gold-coated (or other coated pins) as damage/scraping of pin coatings can occur. May not be as suitable for some of the very old vintage Chinese tubes, which we occasionally find have a slight variation in pin spacing and pin diameter (however, no problem using the straightener with newer issue Russian or Chinese tubes with 9-pin B9A or 7-pin B7G bases).

  • A pocket size pin-straightener used to realign and straighten bent/misaligned vacuum tube pins. Can be used for US/European and modern issue Russian/Chinese miniature 9-pin and 7-pin vacuum tubes with US-European 9-pin B9A and 7-pin B7G bases. Tubes with B9A bases include 12AX7, 12AU7 and 5670. Tubes with B7G bases include 6AK5, 5654, EF95 and 6AU6.

  • Great accessory for professional musicians, audiophiles and repair shops working with tube-based amplifiers.

  • This one is the real deal; precision CNC machined from a premium grade stainless steel (SUS 420) and hardened to Rockwell C50 for long life. Pin straighteners manufactured from softer materials, such as aluminum, can cause pin contamination (tube pins can also quickly wear straighteners made from softer materials).

  • Straight/aligned tube pins reduce tube socket damage during tube installation and also reduces the likelihood of tube damage during tube installation (forcing bent pins into a socket significantly increases the stress at the pin/glass interface of a tube, which can lead to tube damage and premature tube failure). Dimensions of pin straightener: 36 mm length x 22 mm diameter. Supplied with a pocket size, foam-lined tin storage box (82 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm).

  • ***Please note*** Do not use for severely bent pins - tube damage and glass breakage can occur. Not recommended for use with gold coated pins (coatings can be scraped/damaged by the pin straightener). Compatible with vintage US/EU and modern issue Russian and Chinese tubes having B7G and B9A bases, may not be suitable for a few of the very early vintage Chinese tubes, which sometimes have variation in pin tolerances. Laser engraved logo/print on the surface.


We recently took action against multiple (actually, quite a few) dishonest sellers for IP infringement of our VTG gauge.  As a result, we recently received several negative reviews for almost all Riverstone Audio's best selling products on our Amazon Store--including our popular Vacuum Tube Pin Straightener.   This is the typical response from these types of seller's who use websites such as facebook to purchase fake reviews (BBC has a good article about fake negative reviews, link here).  The fake review attacks specifically focus on quality and design of our products to mislead potential customers.  We take pride in our products and their design and we stand behind the quality of every units we ship.  Over the years we have had only TWO pin straighteners returned and had maintained a straight 5-star product reviews for 3 years on our Amazon Store.   Considering the quantity of our pin straighteners that are now in use by professional tube sellers, amplifier repair shops, music groups and, of course, our many loyal customers with tube-based amplifiers, this is a remarkably low return rate.  As design engineers,  we would like to address and clarify issues the fake 1-star reviews have attempted to raise.   Please read here for detail.