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Riverstone Audio Rock 'n Roll 380 Series

Precision Crafted Record Weights

Ying Yang Dragon Series

Riverstone Audio proudly presents our newest record weights - Rock n' Roll 380 series record weights. The Rock n' Roll 380 series is part of our music-themed designer record weights, which includes FOUR unique Rock n' Roll theme laser-engraved designs. Riverstone Audio's Rock and Roll 380 series are definitely not your average record weight.  The R&R Ying-Yang Dragon Series weights are laser engraved with a finely-detailed laser engraving of Yin Yang Dragons and are available in FOUR dazzling colors. What can we say, we like Rock Music, love the drums and beats flowing out of a rotating vinyl record turntable, and just couldn't settle for a boring record weight.  For the rockers' out there, this record weight is for you. Pick one to fit the color your turntable or a couple to fit every changing music moods. 

Riverstone Audio's Rock & Roll Record Weights perform as well as they look.  The Rock n' Roll 380 Series record weights are made from a solid billet of a premium aerospace-grade aluminum alloy (7075-T6) and CNC machined to precision. They are anodized in our specialty workshop to achieve the unique colors and to provide optimal surface protection. The top surface of each weight is engraved in high resolution detailed music-themed designs. These weights look great on and off a turntable. The attention to detail does not stop with the engineering design of the weight or the laser engraving. To protect your LP record labels and provide additional damping for extraneous signals, a 1 mm thick EVA pad is affixed to the base of the record weight. A foam-lined wooden box (pine) is also included to protect your record weight when not in use.


Specifications: Mass: 380 g, Dimensions: 34.5 mm height, maximum diameter (at base) 80.0 mm, Spindle hole 7.25 mm diameter x 20 mm deep. FOUR Colors available: Viper Red, Moody Blue, Deep Ocean, and Midnight Black. Finish: anodized aluminum, satin finish.  Laser engraving: Yin Yang Dragons.

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