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Clarify Issues Brought up by Recent Negative Reviewers on Riverstone Audio Record-Level VTF Gauges

Let me preface my comments by stating that the issue mentioned in the recent negative reviews are simply INCORRECT and OFF-BASED.  Also, it is not clear why, but one reviewer did not even attempt to use the gauge to actually measure tracking force on a turntable.  However, several issues were raised about the quality or design, as well as a comment that the reviewer would expect a 50 YEAR design life from this product. Let me address these issues and comment.

1. Regarding the first issue (the reviewer's comment regarding a warped warped cover), let me state that a warped cover is EXTREMELY rare occurrence (based on over 15,000 gauges sold) and we have never had this issue raised before. Indeed, we have QC procedures in pace to ensure that VTF gauges are inspected for both function as well as appearance. If anyone receives a gauge with any type of cosmetic defect simply contact us for a refund or replacement. 

2. Regarding the second issue the reviewer raise (the suggestion that the cracking the reviewer observed on gauges from another manufacturer will also somehow apply to our product is hypothetical and incorrect; this issue IS NOT an issue of concern for the housing design and material used in Riverstone Audio's VTF gauges. Let me explain why. The housing used for Riverstone Audio's VTF gauge is injection molded from ABS, a thermoplastic polymer that was specifically chosen for its good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and strength. There is no need to increase the thickness of the housing for this material choice as there is adequate rigidity and more than sufficient cross-sectional area in the housing. Moreover, the battery compartment was designed to reliably handle the tensile and bending loads from the terminal contact spring. The inboard side of the battery compartment is thicker (this is important as it contributes to the overall stiffness and also reacts part of the small force from the terminal spring) than other regions of the housing (this can be clearly seen in the photo posted by the reviewer). The battery compartment was designed with the cradle shape for very good reason. From FEM analysis, it can be shown that the force from the terminal spring is distributed between the innermost (thicker) sidewall of the battery compartment and the other adjacent regions of the compartment and can easily handle the small spring load as well as limit time-dependent displacement (depending on temperature, one also needs to account for viscoelastic behavior of ABS). Our results, along with tests performed with even higher contact spring loads, show NO long-term design issues. As design engineers (with several decades of mechanical design, stress analysis and materials selection experience), we are very satisfied with the design of this VTF gauge. AND TO MAKE IT CLEAR, we have had ZERO warranty returns of any type related to cracking or other problems with the gauge housing or battery compartment (as the reviewer has apparently experienced with other brands).

3. It appears that the reviewer is suggesting that someone could leave a battery in the VTF gauge for extended periods of time. This IS NOT a good practice for any electronic device; there is a very real possibility of battery leakage. We strongly recommend (as stated in the manual) that the battery be removed when the VTF gauge is not used for extended periods. 

4. Finally, the reviewer suggests that a design life of 50 years should be appropriate for a VTF gauge. A 50 year design life is unreasonable for any consumer or commercial electronics. Indeed, there are very few consumer products of any type, except perhaps door knobs, that might last 50 years.

As the 15,000+ customers who have purchased this VTF gauge have found, one would be VERY hard pressed to find, at any price point, a better engineered VTF gauge that can actually measures VTF at record-level.

James at Riverstone Audio

(Product Design Engineer with 40 years of experience)

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