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Riverstone Audio Stylus Pressure Gauge

Riverstone Audio's precision stylus vertical tracking force (VTF) gauge is compact, lightweight, low profile and has a resolution of 0.01 g. To-date, this has been our most popular VTF gauge. This already fine VTF gauge has been tweaked by our engineers to make it even better. The updates made for 2017 are both cosmetic and functional. In addition to a precision 5 g mass to verify gauge readings, and an improved storage box, the user’s manual has been updated (including a much larger print size). Internal modifications to the VTF gauge have also been made, along with a 2 minute auto-off to prolong battery life and improvements to the battery compartment….the same durable, easy to use VTF gauge, but with suggested improvements from customers and our engineers. Other attributes remain the same….to protect the stylus tip, and help in centering the stylus tip on the gauge, an adhesive-bonded polymer pad (now styled after an LP, of course) is attached to the measuring platform. For long-term accuracy and durability tracking force gauge has an internal aluminum beam-type strain sensor with a protective coating applied over the strain gages. Many digital tracking force scales have a 5 g weight limit. The 200g limit and 0.01g resolution of our VTF gauge provides the same 0.01g resolution typical of many other gauges/scales, but reduces the risk associated with accidental overloading of the internal strain gauge sensor. The back-lit LED screen provides a bright and easy to read display. Overall dimensions: 40 mm (W) x 71 mm (L) x 10.25 mm (H) (height dimension is with cover off, measured from sensor platform to gauge base). PLEASE NOTE: The calibration of all Riverstone Audio VTF Gauges is verified prior to shipping (the included 5 g mass can be used to provide a quick verification of gauge readings). **Requires one battery CR2032 (Sorry, battery is NOT included).**

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